Some stuff has arrived (“,)

Hello everyone

So as I’ve mentioned, I’m currently focusing on getting the shield version of the reflow oven controller going before I’m off to Canada. I’ve collected the PCBs I had made on Friday and I’ve received the displays today. The PCBs looks stunning and the artwork came out really nice. The picture of my wife on the back also came out really well. On Saturday evening I had some time and I reflowed a board to get a test board going. The initial reflowing didn’t go to well as it seems that my reflow curve that I’ve “perfected” isn’t working so well and the “gradual process” isn’t really so gradual.

So I’ve re-evaluated my reflow curve and it seems that I have to push my RFLW temperature set point up to above 235 deg C. I’ve made mine 235 and made my holding period 20 seconds. This worked but I had to touch up here and there with the soldering iron. So my strategy is to push it up to 240 deg C and decrease the holding time. The PREH and SOAK holding times can also be decreased it seems. I’ll have to do some further testing before reflowing the next board.

It seems that the displays arrived without female 2.54mm pinhead connectors attached so I will have to go and get those to solder before I’ll be able to use the displays on my boards. I’ve contacted a boxing company this evening to get costing on boxes for packaging. Soon I will be able to offer these to you. Looking forward but before that, some pictures 🙂

2014-08-16 09.33.58

Boards looking nice, I’ve removed one panels boards to display

2014-08-16 09.35.13

The front of the PCB

2014-08-16 09.35.27

The back of the PCB with the wife (“,) It seems that I’ve flipped the image of  Table mountain the wrong way around 😦 but no way I’m paying for tooling again 😉

2014-08-16 19.06.33

Solder paste applied with stencil and used some steady hands with the tweezers to mount all the components.

2014-08-17 00.06.09

2014-08-17 00.06.36

Looking good:)

2014-08-16 23.57.23

2014-08-16 23.58.06

And working too… sigh of relief haha

2014-08-16 23.58.42

Initial prototype versus the actual board.

2014-08-19 16.42.14

And finally, the displays (“,)


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3 comments on “Some stuff has arrived (“,)
  1. Mark says:

    When will these be available for purchase?

  2. faheem azeem says:

    how much it is
    if its available please send me detail and price my mailing add

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