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RF24 Library “getting started” example finally working


Hello everyone It feels like it has been forever since my previous post. My apologies for that, but I am really a bit busy at this stage and for the foreseeable future. I have however started working on my projects

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Crowd Funding Campaign finally went live – yeay (“,)

 Hello everyone I finally managed to get everything in order and launched my crowd funding campaign. So if your interested in a Reflow Master Shield, go check it out. Click on the campaign card below to be redirected to the

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Good news – Firmware issues resolved

Hello Everyone I know that it has been a while again. My apologies for the delayed post. There were some glitches in the firmware which I’ve discovered and I had to resolve these over the past month and a bit.

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Some stuff has arrived (“,)

2014-08-16 23.58.06

Hello everyone So as I’ve mentioned, I’m currently focusing on getting the shield version of the reflow oven controller going before I’m off to Canada. I’ve collected the PCBs I had made on Friday and I’ve received the displays today.

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Fine Tuning of Reflow Soldering

IMG_0095 - 2014-07-19 17.48.12

Hello everyone Things seem to be speeding up on this side. I had a bit of time to test the reflow oven again over this weekend after creating some new test boards in the week. So first things first, I

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Testing Phase 1 – With limited time

Candadian Flag

Ok so the cover photo of this post is a bit strange given that the blog is about electronics and I’m from South Africa. The reason for it is that I’m going to move to Canada within the next few

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Getting closer to the finish line


Hello Everyone Time just goes by way to fast, or maybe I just don’t have enough 😉 The past month I’ve been busy with redesigning the PCB to fit into an enclosure. I then designed one to fit the bill.

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