Good news – Firmware issues resolved

Hello Everyone

I know that it has been a while again. My apologies for the delayed post. There were some glitches in the firmware which I’ve discovered and I had to resolve these over the past month and a bit. I have also created a separate firmware package for the Arduino MEGA. There’s more progam space available so I could add some more features in the running cycle of the device. All of this have now been finalized.

Over and above resolving the glitches, I’ve experimented with my reflow curve and have finalized a curve that reflows the solder very nicely. I’ve created a little video for you guys that shows the assembly process of a unit, not using the hysteresis functionality vs. using the hysteresis functionality, the Arduino UNO firmware, the Arduino MEGA firmware and the actual reflow process in action.

Description: Starting Time: End Time:
Mounting of components – 00:0001:25
No hysteresis vs. hysteresis – 01:2502:07
UNO Version of firmware – 02:0702:04
MEGA Version of firmware – 02:4003:14
Reflow process in action – 03:1403:42

I have also been busy finalizing the first 10 units and tested each and every one of these. All of them are working nicely. Then I went ahead and finalized the packaging, packaging went through a few phases but I finalized now on one and received the packaging today. But first some pictures of how the process progressed:


Glitches being resolved 🙂


Initial batch of units finalized


Filming of the reflow process. Needed to get as much light into the oven as possible


How the final product will look – oooOOOoooOOOoOoo (Using the wife’s camara – that’s why the photo just pops 😉 )


Prepping units to be packaged – very exciting 😛


What comes in the box – Reflow Master Shield, Type K thermocouple and some stickers


Everything packaged – Now to finalize my crowd funding campaign. Be sure to check in here for updates as to the launch date 🙂 and feel free to drop  me a comment should you have any questions.

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6 comments on “Good news – Firmware issues resolved
  1. guilherme says:

    hi thank you for charing do you think i can use your code for 1200ºC and stages of hours ?

  2. guilherme says:

    Thanks for the help, I think I will use max31855 as sensor reader to get more range and also because of the higher temperature I’ll be sensing that seems to give feed backs of around 12v with your amplifier if read the datasheet correctly I probably will come back some more questions as I’m new to these world. thanks again

  3. Dmitry says:

    but as a model of the screen?

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