Crowd funding campaign is over, time to move on to the next project.

So my crowd funding campaign didn’t go too well. O well, you win some and you lose some. I will be selling the left over units either through a local supplier or alternatively through Tindie. I will decide once I have feedback from the local supplier in South Africa. If there is additional interest let me know.

I’ve started with my next project. It is a wireless NRF24L01 node that I wish to use for irrigation purposes. I’ve not made any real progress with it as such except for the node boards which I’ve completed. The boards still needs some revisions as well.

I’ve implemented a DIP switch array to use for addressing. This will allow for an addressable range from 0 to 127 if I implement binary arithmetic addressing.

I’m using an Arduino Nano to drive the system and a LM2596S to drop the voltage to the 3.3 V required by the NRF24L01. I’m hoping to replace the  LM2596S with a 3.3V linear voltage regulator with the next version of the node.

First I need to get the communication working between nodes before I plan to revise the node design. I’m a bit busy at this stage as things are going a bit crazy with me and the moving so posts will appear a bit slower on the blog. Please bear with me.



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