Finalized Firmware – YEAH (“,)

Hello Everyone

It’s been a month again, wow. In any case, in the past month I was able to complete my firmware and it seems to be working correctly. Below is a video demoing the firmware for you on Youtube. I’ve hooked up the reflow oven shield to the toaster oven and everything seems to be running smoothly. I have also managed to make the shield compatible with the Arduino Mega, so now it is compatible with the Arduino UNO as well as the Arduino Mega. Since the overall compiled sketch size is 31.84 kB, it allows for further expansion of the program if your using a Mega. I am now in the process of redesigning the circuit boards to as to be able to build it into an enclosure. Click on the “Read more” to view a video demo of the firmware.

Here is my thermocouple in the grid of the toaste oven, just wined in between the grid wires.


and here is just a larger picture of the grid, the oven and the thermocouple.


To power the unit, I’ve made up a small lead for testing purposes. The small lead plugs into another lead and then the toaster oven plugs into the small lead. The toaster oven is switched on and turned to max. It doesn’t switch on until the relay is engaged completing the lead’s circuit, supplying power.


Here you can see that I’ve broken the live wire. The smaller blue and brown wires are both wired in together from the relay contact to the live connection in the socket. I’ve used two wires to be able to carry more current if needed. I didn’t want a thinner wire than the existing lead wire.


Here is the controller in action, with a close-up of the running screen.


Entire system in action, in test phase. Working well. I haven’t yet reflowed a board since I first need to make a board. I will do so within the next month and then post my results to the site.  Once I’ve actually reflowed a board and redesigned the PCBs, i.e. have working redesigned boards, I will release the files to everyone.


Thought I’d share with you these pictures as well. Yesterday when I filmed my firmware demo, I had a lod of  shaking when pressing the buttons, so I strapped the controller to some books with cable ties to have a more stable shot.


Unfortunately my wife was away with the tripod so I had to make do with something else. i.e. a bendable desk lamp which worked well. Camera also cable tied to the lamp haha.


Here is just a shot where I’m filming the elements of the oven. Please excuse the bad quality of the last three shots, it was taken with a blackberry since I didn’t have any other cameras at hand.


Hope that you have enjoyed the post. 🙂

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8 comments on “Finalized Firmware – YEAH (“,)
  1. Bill says:

    Great work. I’ve been working on a similar project but the menus to change settings is pretty daunting. Do you plan to make the firmware available / open source?

    • Paladin Enabling Technologies says:

      Hello Bill

      Thank you for your kind words. The firmware will eventually become available. I plan to launch a little Indiegogo campaign and as soon as that is done the firmware will become available.

      As for getting started with the menu programming, I’ll create a Github directory with a version of the code that is not current but it will help you with the menu structures. I’m currently at work and will reply on the comment with a link for you to download it when I’m back home tonight.


  2. Paladin Enabling Technologies says:

    Hello Bill

    I’ve finally managed to work out how to use GitHub, needed some reading time and I didn’t get to it until tonight. Please see this code that I’ve uploaded for you to GitHub of how to implement a menu with an GLCD and an Arduino board:

    Please just note that I’ve since switched over to the OpenGLCD library to implement it. You can download the library from here:

    Let me know if you have any further questions. I hope that this helps with your project.

  3. Claudio says:

    Hi Dirk, my english is very bad…rss….Wonderfull, fantastic project, congratulations.

  4. Claudio says:

    This project use PID algoritm ?

  5. Paladin Enabling Technologies says:

    Hello Claudio, thank you very much. The project makes use of Brett Beauregard’s ( PID library which can be downloaded from:

  6. Erciyes says:

    Hi Dirk, If we want to use AD8497 K type Thermocouple amplifier IC, what can we do ?

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