Disaster Strikes Again

So I know that I said I hope to have been finished with the hardware last week or the week before already but something seems to have come up. I finished soldering my board but then it came up with a few problems. The header connectors for the display board and the button board had soldering points on the top and the bottom of the board. My home made board didn’t have through hole copper, i.e copper connecting the top layer to the bottom layer of the board. So I couldn’t get in between the connectors and the top layer of the board. My solution was to attach wires to the plug and to the board. When I was done I was obviously extremely excited and plugged the shield board into my Arduino UNO, but surprise surprise, nothing happened. So I followed my tracks and found a lot of errors.

I tried to re-position the wires of the plugs but this was all in vane, so I gave up to another day to fault find the board. When I had a chance again I discovered that my digital input headers was swapped around 180 Degrees, meaning that none of the correct pins aligned with the correct pins on the Arduino board’s side of things. This is a sloppy mistake that I made during the design stages of the board.  I checked for other errors but didn’t find anything. This meant that I had to redesign the board again. Some other things that I picked up was that my terminal connectors’ legs beneath the board touched the USB programming port on the Arduino board. My solution, I extended the board so that the legs of the terminal connectors now extend past the Arduino board so that no unnecessary short circuits are created.


Messy messy


Removed all the wires after too much frustration. At least the LEDs is switching on 🙂 Too late at night, camera shake, i.e. blurred photo.

I have in the mean time also attached wires to my surface mount components to bread board it to test that it will work correctly. Theoretically it should but I’m double checking it by doing it practically. Once done and I’m sure everything is correct I will remake the shield board and test it once it’s done. Hope that this update shed’s some light as to the delay. Here is the latest revision of the shield board:


Prerdy 🙂

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