Solder Reflow Oven Controller – Part 2

OK so I’ve managed to make some good progress with the development of the firmware for the oven controller. I’ve gotten my “Reference Graph” to plot correctly on my display module and I’ve also managed to get the “Reference Graph” inverted if the temperature exceeds this reference limit. This part is working but still a bit glitchy. From here I’ve set out to start implementing and developing the code for storing all my operating values to the Arduino ATMega328 chip’s EEPROM memory so that when the power is switched off then you don’t lose your changes that you’ve made.

This also allows you to be more independent from reprogramming your Arduino board too much. So once I’ve gotten that sorted out I was very thankful. I must give thanks for all the awesome people at the Arduino forum that assisted me with my questions and that had patience with me. If your unfamiliar to the forum then go check it out here. You will find loads of useful information, helpful people and good tips and tricks there.

As you can see it has been a busy time for me but at this stage I’ve realized that it was time o move into hardware mode (“,). I’ve started using Eagle Cad again to start to get use to it again since it’s been a while. So I’ve completed the designs of all the different boards that I want to manufacture for this shield and for the final product. Please bear in mind that this is still early days so these designs are first editions and might change over the next couple of weeks as I set out to create the boards myself. Below I’ve attached a few screenshots of the different boards that I hope to make. Once the project is done I will upload all the files to Github or some similar website.


Main Shield that will plug into the Arduino Board

Display Mounting Board

Display mounting board. You will be able to mount this to the shield and to the Arduino board by means of the screws and the mounting holes.

Button Interface Board

Button board for interfacing. This board will mount onto the display board by means of screws through the mounting holes.

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